Procrastination and the Danzhou Super-GM

Jul 16, 2015, 7:34 AM |

This report was very much delayed...though that's not to say that I did not have other things to fill my time (which is part of the reason why I'm not reporting on some of the major tournaments happening around this time).

It happened 2-11 July in Hainan, China (a very nice place, by the way). Wang Yue was the winner.

And my favourite games were these:

And of course the Immortal Game cannot be forgotten:

MVL, as the usual Frenchman with Two Names, used this as an outlet for his humour:

"Qué calor on Bruzon's king right now..."

The tournament's longest game (the very last one):


Of course there's that immortal game, but besides that...

Lu Shanglei surrendered to Ding Liren in just twenty (!) moves and to Bruzon (!) in just twenty-three.

It seems that the two "foreigners" did not do exceptionally well (the game between them was coincidentally a draw).

Another interesting tournament came and went.