"I keep escaping": Norway Chess Day 8

Jun 24, 2015, 12:26 PM |

The penultimate round of Norway Chess has definitely proved itself exciting with the not-so-leading tournament leader Topalov suffering his first loss, handed to him by none other than Anish Giri (It seems as if Topalov's "luck" was supposed to belong to Carlsen, seeing as I predicted defeat by Giri: for the wrong person).

Magnus Carlsen beat Levon Aronian in the midst of time trouble just before the time control. In his post-game interview, Magnus remarked, "[Aronian] has outplayed me more than anyone else in the world, but I keep on escaping, and that's what I did today." He was nowhere near happy with his performance, "even though he won".

I was somewhat surprised to see Nakamura and MVL draw their game as at one point Nakamura seemed more winning. During MVL's post-game interview (in which Caruana and Grischuk also took part), he revealed all of his "tricks" and Grischuk promptly said something along the lines of, "Now you will have no more tricks for tomorrow," when they will face each other.

JLH does not seem to be having the halfhearted success of his compatriot, as he quickly lost a game to Vishy Anand (facing the two world champions at the end of a tournament is not such a favourable fate, I suppose). Magnus also remarked that he wouldn't speak to Jon Ludvig much before their game tomorrow as when you play someone, "you are not their friend anymore".

Something that one should take note of is the fact that Topy did not seem particularly miserable by the time he resigned. He seems to think that he will still win tomorrow's game, but Nigel Short is likely quite right: "Topy's luck has finally run out".