"I will repeat...": Sinquefield Cup R1

Aug 23, 2015, 6:23 PM |

And it happened again... After one "horror show" tournament in the Grand Chess Tour, the second one is off to a similar start as Magnus Carlsen lost to Veselin Topalov yet again, though luckily not on time -- he resigned as he was down by one minor piece and had very little hope. He plays as black against Caruana tomorrow...

But Caruana will certainly not be reliving last year as he started off with a loss to Levon Aronian (mind you, there were no draws to-day). Interesting.

The two other wins by white were in Giri-Grischuk (watch Topalov be wrong about marriage) and Nakamura-Anand (Nakamura is having a wonderful year!). In the fifth game, Wesley So fell to the Frenchman with two names.

Such a lovely start. We shall see what happens tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, it seems that Arkadij Naiditsch is now playing for Azerbaijan. Interesting. And as another disappiontment in Germanics vs. AZE, Markus Ragger lost his match 2.5-3.5 against Mamedyarov today.