Self-Analysis 2

Jun 20, 2015, 6:12 PM |

I didn't use the engine this time, as I figured it was easier and more beneficial to do it myself. I think I give up on the engine anyways (my future analyses will probably be done without it).

Anyways, the game and my not-humourous-enough-but-not-very-helpful annotations:

(Note: There are several mistakes in my writings, but I decided not to go back and fix them. For example, d4 is usually my 4th move, not my third, and the game only lasted 37 moves, not 39, so I could've only shortened it by about five moves, though looking back on it, that probably wouldn't have happened anyways.)

I probably missed far more than one opportunity at mate before the 37 moves, but at least it was better than some of my other games. What should I say? "Enjoy"? (I've also given my future opponents some hints...)