The Chances Missed: Norway Chess Day 3

Jun 18, 2015, 6:01 PM |

Once Magnus starts winning, I won't write a daily post, but I thought I'd at least say something about today.

I didn't get to see the ends of the games today live, but oh well.

Nakamura-Caruana was probably one of the most interesting games of today by me, having the American and the soon-to-be-American play each other. To me, it's good that Naka ended up winning since another Caruana Massacre would be quite costly for some of his competitors. I wouldn't mind if Naka won the tournament, honestly (on the condition that Magnus comes in second, of course).

MVL-Topy turned into trouble for the two-last-names Frenchman pretty quickly. Does Veselin's throat issue actually give him an advantage, and does this have anything to do with Fabiano's "ice" bucket from last year...? Maybe it's the Topalov Massacre now, except that the first win wasn't really "his".

Carlsen was initially totally winning against Anish Giri. Magnus abandoned his queenside project after winning some advantages there, then started a kingside project...only to go crazy, abandon that one, and return to the queenside and let Anish escape with his much, much wanted draw. Guess that score equalisation isn't coming anytime soon, but at least Magnus isn't stuck at zero. He'll probably end up out-sitting Vishy tomorrow like he has done to a certain extent recently.

Aronian was about to win against (if not totally crush) JLH today (their last encounter was despair for the Norwegian No. 2), but Hammer was able to hold on and end up with a draw. He's probably wondering what he should be feeling for Magnus.

And in a nice little game by Alexander Grichuk, he saved himself from defeat by Anand before earning himself Most Entertaining Post-Game Interview of the Day (something about acting has gotten into him).

The commentators made me laugh again, which was the best part (even though I didn't get to see all of it live). Yesterday it was Carlsen's knight's very long journey (but the laughs didn't last long). Today, it was a) how to prevent Magnus from being late (i.e. by taking advantage of Vlad Putin), b) the fact that Fabiano Caruana would make a nice spy (oh, if Mata Hari were still alive!), and c) that thing of Grischuk's for being expressive (but then he mumbles otherwise, so I guess it's not bad).

Looking forward to tomorrow, waiting to see how many moves Magnus and Vishy will follow from one of their previous encounters.




An interesting, humorous, short summary by alexcolovic: