Time Lost: Sinquefield Cup R6/R7

Aug 30, 2015, 5:48 PM |

The title was a shortened version of highlights from Rounds 6 and 7: Fabiano Caruana and his time scrambles against Grischuk in R6 (36 seconds for 7 moves, which he once again lost shortly after the 40th move) and Magnus Carlsen and his loss agains that same opponent -- Grischuk -- in R7. It seems the tournament's only Russian isn't doing too badly (although it can be said that Aronian is doing even better, having just beaten Nakamura).

With only 1.01 left I doubt that Carlsen could have thought of much in today's game, but after some basic analysis, I figured out that his position was save-able (this is the first thing that came to mind): 

Plenty of other solutions exist (well, I suppose "plenty" would mean about five, if you took a minute and one second to calculate the way I did), but he resigned. It can be said that "Grischuk doesn't think that way", which is most likely true, but on any one of those moves, he only had so many reasonable alternatives.

Going back in time about 24 hours before that, we find that Nakamura checkmated So (true to his own word, So is a bit inexperienced) and Topalov fell to MVL (unintentional rhyme -- always the poet's misery).

Tomorrow will bring on the penultimate round...