Twice Satisfied: Norway Chess Day 5

Jun 21, 2015, 2:33 PM |

I should've marked this as day 6, but it is day 5 of the actual games, so...

I am indeed twice satisfied, once because of Magnus's win (it was going to happen, and we all know that) and again because of Levon Aronian's shocking win over Fabiano Caruana (especially after what happened to Levon in R4, one has to be surprised to a certain degree!). Something has gotten into Fabiano...first he goes crazy and loses to Naka (well, that wasn't overly surprising since Nakamura does have a 5-1 score over him now)...and then...

I didn't get to see all of the games end live, but I did have time to see MVL and Anish Giri shake hands, which to me was not excessively surprising. So now, one can be (mostly) sure that Magnus can land at least second place in this tournament. I will be shocked if he can't pull off a win against Hikaru (like the commentators very honestly said, Hikaru does have a very good score against pretty much everyone not named Magnus Carlsen, the exceptions being Stockfish and who-knows-who-else).

I'm not very interested in writing that much today since the results came as expected (well, not to Jon Ludvig Hammer, but then again, it's about his thinking; he needs to be less sure of himself sometimes).

As a final note, I must admit that this round (and the day before, I guess) was and is full of so much honesty, whether it's about the games or not. It's a relief from all the rest of life. Read the article (which can be found here: for some of the quotes  and such.



I just watched the post-game interview since I missed it earlier. It's surprising how differently Magnus behaves now (probably not completely connected to the last few days, but there is definitely a correlation; it reminded me of that press conference after last year's Sinquefield Cup). At least they mentioned the Yoga Day thing and Grischuk said that "maybe Svidler" has a tattoo (honestly, these two commentators...). At least it lightened up the mood.