Flashback: "Dave's Juice Fast" (2007)

Flashback: "Dave's Juice Fast" (2007)

GM smurfo
Oct 2, 2014, 9:06 AM |

A reader asked me about my first attempt at a juice fast, which I mentioned in relation to an upcoming repeat as part of my anti-midlife-crisis. I dug up a Facebook post I wrote about it in 2007, after the second day of the fast. Unfortunately, the fast, which I did with Manuel Weeks, only lasted another two days. After this, we both gave up - him because of insuffereable caffeine-withdrawal migraines (he'd been regularly on seven cups a day before the fast), and me because of ravenous hunger and low self-discipline. In case you aren't convinced by these excuses, perhaps you'll find some in my rather colourful description of juice-fasting below.


Dave's Juice Fast - day 2 - October 6, 2007

In response to the flood of queries regarding my 'juice fast' status, I've decided to post a note. No, Andy, it is not part of Ramadan; no; it does not involve throwing anything over a cliff; and no, Tony, I am not a Fruitarian, or a Vegetarian, or any other sort of -arian for that matter. (I wish I'd been a barbarian).

The girlfriend of the couple I am staying with in Dublin convinced her boy to try and shed a few pounds, as well as kick his caffeine addiction, by going on a juice-fast. And I am his 'juice-fast buddy' (oh yeh, because that sounds cool).

Before I go into my experiences on the first day, I'll quote Wikipedia. It's a bit lengthy, so feel free to skip over it.

"Juice fasting is a type of fasting and detox diet in which the practitioner consumes only fruit and vegetable juices. Juice fasts are commonly undergone with the intent of detoxification for greater health, the theory being that less energy is expended on digestion of foods; therefore more energy exists for the rest of the body to expel toxins. As toxins are believed to lie within many of the human body's eliminative glands and organs, different juice fasts target different sections of the body. For instance, a large portion of juice fasters believe that abstaining from solid food allows the body to recover and heal itself from damage and fatigue caused by the relentless stress of digestion. Others choose fasting because they want to target the liver, the kidneys, the urinary tract, the skin, the gallbladder, the brain, the immune system, etc...

"Additional reasons for undergoing juice fasts include religious reasons, losing weight and attempting to wean oneself from unhealthy habits, i.e., smoking, drinking soda, overeating, caffeine addiction, etc. Some more serious participants use juice fasting as an alternative to conventional medical practices, i.e., as a healing technique for pain, cancer, depression, arthritis, severe infections that failed antibiotics, autoimmune diseases and many other supposedly incurable diseases...."


After one day, all I am is Hungry, Hungry, Hungry. I've been craving bread, just one frickin' slice of bread. Or just a cracker. Ohh man, how much would I murder a cracker right now. I've fared better than my friend, though, who usually drinks three cups of coffee a day, minimum. His headache was so bad that he couldn't drive home from our 'trip to the Irish countryside', and I had to take over. In fact, it was SO bad that he cheated with a half-shot of espresso at 10pm. Normally I would have kicked up a fuss, but I was really starting to think he might actually die, which wouldn't have done my 'juice-fast buddy' reputation any good for future clients.

Now, Why Juice Fasts Suck, by David Smerdon. Do not read if you have a weak stomach; it's a bit gross.

Basically, because you don't take in any pulp, or fibre, the digesting speeds up, which means you can 'expel' a lot faster. But this causes havoc with the bowels. A cringe quote from Wiki that I just can't help myself but to quote:

"Because pure juice contains little to no fiber, juice fasters often use an enema or an herbal or saltwater laxative during the time of fasting to efficiently expel waste from the intestines and colon"


I haven't experienced anything yet, but the multiple guides on the topic, as well as the previous experiences of the couple I'm with, suggest one should experience diarrhoea or constipation. Or both. Charming. Oh, and apparently because of all the juice acids, after two days you're supposed to get ACUTE HALITOSIS. 

For those of you wondering, that's medical for BAD BREATH.

Not only that, but you're supposed to sleep about 12 hours a day, and basically can't do anything, as all your energy is going into the toxin-expulsion process. All you're supposed to do is rest, rest, rest (and try not to think about food, presumably. I watched a cooking show this morning. Torture.)

Woot woo, my first weekend in Dublin and I'm stuck on a couch with bowel problems watching TV with a caffeine addict on detox.

But EVEN WORSE than all the hunger, the sleeping, the bad breath, the bowel adventures, is:

I'm in Dublin, basically the closest city to England where you can still hate the English, on the weekend Australia plays England in the Rugby world cup,

And I can't even have a beer.

The healthiest fridge I have ever been privy to. I hate it.
The healthiest fridge I have ever been privy to. I hate it.