Critical Self-Analysis of Games

Oct 16, 2008, 11:51 AM |

Here is what Shereshevsky had to say about analyzing your own games:

I recommend him to play over the game once again slowly and to try to clarify for himself the important arguable moments. Afterwards he should start to write comments and in the moment he reaches an unclear position he should leave aside the pen and start analysing.

He should write down the analyses he made and continue further until the next arguable moment. At the same time he should constantly watch not to miss the moments, in which the evaluation of the position changes. If the position was equal and after some moves it becomes better for you, you have to try and find the opponent's mistakes with the same eagerness with you were looking for your own mistakes.

During the analyses, it would be useful to make some overall conclusions about your playing and that one of the opponent, avoiding bitterness in your self-criticism.

Remember that you make these comments for yourself and the only one you can deceive is you, therefor do no try to admire your plans and ideas and be frank with yourself.