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Exchanging into a won endgame

Exchanging into a won endgame

Dec 2, 2016, 9:26 AM 0

I'm currently working through Andy Soltis's book on Lasker Why Lasker Matters, using it as a guess the move (and candidate move selection) exercise. Last night I was playing through the 2nd game in the book, Lasker vs Lipke from the German Chess Congress and there is a nice sequence where Lasker forces an exchange down into a won endgame.


I was happy that I actually saw, calculated, and chose the correct sequence at 34.B:f5+, though it wasn't very hard to find since Black is threatening mate. 98 games to go.
I've also been working through the 1st book Artur Yusupov's Quality Chess series, and just finished lesson 3. I highly recommend his books and working through them.

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