First game as a greeter!

Nov 21, 2008, 1:50 AM |

Most of my chess time today was again spent in the tactics trainer. I need to cut down a bit. My wife brought up a decent suggestion of taking a break if I get frustrated, which happens sometimes when my brain isn't functioning and I am missing obvious things on the board. I tend to keep playing through it though. My time would be better spent taking a break and doing something else, even a different chess activity.

I finished the section on positional chess in Nunn's Understanding Chess Move by Move. Now I just have the section on endgames left. My favorite game today was the game Lautier - Shirov, Manila 1990. Shirov sacs the exchange twice. The first time to get rid of white's advanced d pawn, and to create a light square weakness by getting rid of White's light square bishop. The 2nd time shattered white's kingside pawns. I also enjoyed Kamsky - Short, Linares 1994.



I guess the greeter stuff is working again, because to my surprise a game showed up on my homepage for the first time today. We ended up playing pretty much live even though the welcome games are turn based.