Getting back into the swing of things

Mar 18, 2010, 7:44 PM |

It has been a hectic few months with my newborn daughter, but she is doing well and is ahead of where they expect her to be since she was 8 weeks premature.

I have started to get back into chess study this past week. I gave up in disgust right after she was born, as I was exhausted and stressed, and that led to rather horrible results in my tactics training prompting a plummet from the 2300+ level down to 1700-. I have been limiting myself to tactical training in short spurts when I am awake and able to not worry about disruptions. I am also limiting myself to 25/day at most. I have been doing pretty well, so my fears that something in my mind went wrong back in October/November seem to be without foundation.

I have continued to play through games in Neil McDonald's The Art of Planning in Chess. I only have a couple games left, and then I will probably start in on Max Euwe's Chess Master vs. Chess Amateur