Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 27, 2008, 12:38 PM |

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I am getting ready to go eat dinner at the in-laws at the moment. I will hopefully get in some chess tonight if I don't pass out from being stuffed.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours working with Joel Johnson some more going through games for his book. I did some tactics trainer work (probably 30 minutes or so), and started in on the positional judgement section of Kotov's Think Like a Grandmaster

I didn't play through any master games, which is what was on the schedule. I will probably flip my Tuesday and Wednesday schedule since Joel and I have moved our session to Wednesday night. That work fits in well with tactics/mating pattern work. So I will try to get in some master game study today along with my endgame work.

I got an early birthday present from my visiting brother-in-law. A copy of the new edition of Fischer's My 60 Memorable Games. I didn't realize how big, physically, the book was. 380 pages of annotated Fischer games. It should be fun to work through.

I also had fun at the doctor's office. I have a bump on my wrist. My wife just noticed, even though it has been there for years, and has been freaking out so I went to the doctor to get it checked. At first he thought it was a ganglion cyst, so he decided to try and drain it. That was fun. It involves sticking a needle in and drawing out the fluid in the sac. The problem was that when he tried to do it, nothing came out. So now the thought is that it is a lipoma tumor. That is a benign thing, some kind of fatty growth that people get. So now I get to have my wrist cut open and have it removed. That should make for an entertaining day.

Oh well, enough about non-chessic things. I hope everyone has a great day and enjoys some good chess.