Secret of the Russian Chess School

Apr 10, 2010, 2:18 PM |

In the book Developing Chess Talent there is an interview with David Bronstein where he states many interesting things, one of which is "The secret of the Russian Chess School is that we studied a position until it's very end".

Other quotes and points made by Bronstein:

"In chess what matters is how well your pieces cooperate"

He thinks it is terrible that players are so afraid to lose. His advice for overcoming this is to play 4 simultaneous games against a training partner. This way the result will do more justice to the balance of powers. After playing the games, analyze them together.

Being ashamed of a lost game is about the most stupid thing he can think of. What matters is what you can learn from your games.

In order to become a really creative player, you must learn to investigate and reason independently. "First think for yourself, and only then ask, or look up in the book, what's going on."

The secret of his creativity is very simple, "Just keep on searching for interesting ideas and don't worry about results.

Winning games is not important. You will, eventually. Enjoy the game, try to confront your opponent with problems. Points are not important, the main thing is that you learn new things about the game every time.