Training Update

Mar 20, 2009, 2:44 AM |

I have been doing my daily dose of tactics problems on the trainer and have been hovering in the 1950-2050 range.

Tonight I continued to work through more annotated master games in Neil McDonald's Chess: the art of logical thinking

In this first game I like the maneuver Kramnik uses to drive Svidler's knight from the f6 square, d5 e:d5 {takes a flight square away from the knight} e5 Ne8 . It reminded me a bit of a Fischer game in Michael Stean's Simple Chess where he used a pawn move to induce his opponent to move another pawn and create an outpost for Fischer's knight.

The next game is a nice win by Karpov over Korchnoi in the 1981 WCh match.

This weekend I plan on spending time working through more of Silman's The Amateur's Mind and possibly some more of his endgame course.