Training Update

Mar 23, 2009, 2:17 AM |


Started reading Silman's Amateur's Mind again from the beginning since it had been a couple months since I was working through it. Made it through about 30 pages on Saturday. I did my daily doses of tactics problems in the tactics trainer, hitting a new high of 2163 at some point. I also played some more moves in some of my correspondence games. The main thing besides tactics problems has been playing through more annotated master games as I worked my way through more of McDonald's Chess: the art of logical thinking

A lot of the games were interesting this weekend. One game had Seirawan beating Ivanchuk in 22 moves, while the last had Ivanchuk defeating Shirov using the Dutch Defence. In between there were battles involving Korchnoi, Karpov, Kramnik, and Kasparov amongst others. I'll put some of the games below for everyone else to enjoy.

Here Korchnoi and Kasparov race to complete their attacks on opposing



This game is Karpov at his best.



A nice win by Kramnik against Van Wely in which they fight over a isolated queen pawn.


Finally, Ivanchuk playing the Dutch Defence and beating Shirov.