Training Update

Mar 26, 2009, 2:32 AM |

Did a lot more work in the tactics trainer the last couple of days. Continued to do it when I should have gone to bed which caused some wild swings in the tactics trainer rating, but I managed to get back into the 2000-2100 range (new high of 2194). The patterns I see amaze me sometimes, as do some of the ones I miss, which usually results from not utilizing all the time given and taking in the whole board. Then I get frustrated and keep solving problems until I get back up there instead of just taking a break and cooling off. Maybe it is good for endurance to keep doing them :) , but I should stick to my plan to only do 15-20 minutes of tactics problems a day instead spending as much time as I have been.

I spent some time tonight going over some Tal games with NM Joel Johnson on the ICC. I also played some more moves in my correspondence games. I haven't played over any annotated games in the last couple days, but I should finish off McDonald's Chess: the art of logical thinking tomorrow or this weekend at the latest. Then I will go back to finishing Valeri Beim's Paul Morphy: A Modern Perspective

Here are a couple games from one of the Ruy Lopez thematic tournaments I am in.