Training Update

Mar 28, 2009, 2:01 AM |

More time spent in the tactics trainer the past few days. I'm still managing to keep my rating in the 2000-2150 range and upped my success % as well. I finished a couple more games in my thematic tournaments. In a couple some players made some blunders after playing well and I was able to take advantage and win one game and the other is basically over. Another person resigned our game on the 14th move without flagging and I didn't see what was wrong with their position to result in resigning. It looked like they resigned a bunch of games though, but still had more going so maybe they were trying to get the number of games to a more managable level. That is an important thing with correspondence chess. You need to keep the number of games you are playing at a level where you can focus on the games. Otherwise you basically end up playing blitz against someone who is playing correspondence and the results will probably reflect that.

I finished up playing through Neil McDonald's excellent game collection, Chess: the art of logical thinking and continued to work through Valeri Beim's Paul Morphy: A Modern Perspective. I will spend more time this weekend working catching back up in Silman's Amateur's Mind and probably spend some time in his endgame course as well.

It is quite possible I will finish the Morphy book this weekend. Perhaps my next collection will be Reti's Master's of the Chessboard