Training Update

Apr 15, 2009, 1:17 AM |

Spent 4 days in LA for the Easter/Passover holiday at my wife's uncles place.

Didn't get any tactics training in, but I did spend some time reading Andy Soltis' How to Choose a Chess Move. Not sure why I jumped into that while I have other books on the go, but I wanted to see what he had to say so I brought it along. I also spent some time working through some basic K+P ending stuff in Convekta's Comprehensive Chess Endings software, which is an update of Yuri Averbakh's Comprehensive Chess Endings series of books in computer format. I also spent some time going through some of the material on the Alekhine's Defense in Convekta's Encyclopedia of the Middlegame II

On Saturday afternoon I played a game of chess against her uncle and won after he miscalculated and was going to drop a bishop.

On Sunday we played 2 more games which I won. The first ended with a pretty mate, and the 2nd ended with a dropped queen. He played more agressively this trip which inevitably led to mistakes that I was able to capitalize on.

Did some tactics work since I've been back home, and hit a new high of over 2200. I also spent some more time on K+P stuff in the CCE software, and have played through 5 Steinitz games from Reti's Masters of the Chess Board using the guess-the-move method to go through the game once using the Chessbase training tab plus a chess set, and then playing through the game a 2nd time reading through the annotations by Reti. 5 more games of Steinitz to go, then it is Tarrasch. I use a chess set in addition to Chessbase because I agree with the idea of trying to simulate playing conditions as much as possible when working and my main focus is over the board chess.