Are you blunder-prone?

Are you blunder-prone?

Oct 17, 2012, 3:58 PM |

I certainly make my share of them. Rather than embarrass someone else, here are my last three blunders. The moves below do not show any brilliancy, quite the reverse.

I knew I was in trouble in the position below, but I did not take care with my next move. What would you do to get out of check?

I played 45 Kg3 and Black replied 45… Qe5+, winning the game, as without the Queens the endgame is hopeless for White. Had I played 45 Kh3 I’d still have a chance to draw the game.

In the next game I thought I could hang on despite the danger of Black’s d3 pawn. What would you play as White?


I played 40 Be3, expecting 40… Rxe3, but after 40… Rxe3 41 Rxd8 I missed Black’s winning move of 41… Re6, which ensures that his d pawn is unstoppable. I should have played 40 Bf4.

In my game against Zarko I was greedy for pawns and played 7… Nxe4, oblivious to 8 Bd5. Yet my move was a mistake, not a blunder.


Play continued 8 Nd5 BB7 9 Bxe4. Now I made the real blunder. What would you play?

I played 9… Rb8. The correct move is 9… d5, which regains the piece, though Black ends up a pawn down.

How does a blunder differ from a mistake? I’d say a blunder changes the probable outcome of the game from a win or draw to a loss.