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All your moves are perfect

All your moves are perfect

Feb 3, 2013, 5:07 AM 21

I played two online games against a FIDE Master in a thematic Sicilian Defence: Hyperaccelerated Pterodactyl. Both games ended in a draw. The titled player congratulated me before one of the games ended.  "All your moves are perfect" was his parting shot.  I don't know whether to take the comment as a compliment or that was his way of saying, cheater! However, when he made the same comment again in our other game, it started to sound less as a compliment but becoming more obvious as a sarcasm. 

Humans are expected to make mistakes and when your opponent's moves are all perfect, chances are you are playing against a machine. However, my moves are not all perfect.The computer analysis showed that I have a lot of inaccuracies. Please see both games below. You will notice that it was in fact my titled opponent who played all the perfect moves. I am not however insinuating that he used an engine but I have encountered a lot of players who believe that only perfect moves/cheaters can beat them in chess.



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