Checkmate in Sarrat Def made USA-KC player whine against Muzio in the KGA

Apr 7, 2011, 1:30 AM |

The game is in Muzio Gambit, Sarrat Defense Variation of the King's Gambit Accepted.

This is another example where we can say that good chess rating does not equate to good behavior or character. I believe my opponent is a proud chess player because USA-KC is attached to his name. He is probably representing KC of the USA or a chess authority in KC. KC apparently stands for Kansas City, the player's hometown as can be seen from his profile on this link: David-USA-KC

What can I say? I hope not all players behave like him in KC of USA. Had they changed the rules in chess in that place? I don't understand why after delivering a checkmate from the right side of the board from my queen, I received the following on my chat box:


Like what I have written on my previous blogs, I like 2.f4 everytime and this time the player proudly representing his hometown KC-USA wanted a game in King's Gambit Accepted and tempted me to gambit my knight which is called the Muzio Gambit - one of the most dangerous openings in chess where white has no time to count his materials in an attempt to finish the game while black's king is still at the center of the board. This variation has a reputation of being wild and it is now rarely played at the top level. The last game I saw on this was by Shirov a FANTASTIC player who is known for his attacking style, which I consider the best among all active players. I also like the aggressiveness in the games oj Judit Polgar, Topalov and Kramnik and I am a follower of their games but Shirov's attack is more ferocious.

When Shirov unleashes his piercing attack, he doesn't care much about his materials, which also happens in most of my games. The difference between me and Shirov is that he can calculate much much better as shown in his game below after you view my game with the KC player. Shirov's attack is fierce, he first gave up the knight, all his center pawns, the crazy bishop and his queen but he ended the game in only 17 moves with a checkmate. Lucky Shirov his opponent was not from KC-USA.

In our game, my checkmating queen came from the right flank of the board on h3 intentionally posted to prevent black from making a queenside castle. The KC rep was frustrated because despite being ahead by a piece all throughout, his king is left without protection by his inutile pieces. With all my pieces coordinating and coming for his king, David of KC-USA saw trouble but it was too late to defend. My queen decided to finally mate and the view was nice! See final position below:

This player just couldn't take the loss lightly because another player was in our chatroom observing the game. The KC rep probably thought that the checkmate in only 20 moves was an embarassment to the place he represents. However, in KGA, a checkmate or a short game is very common. It is actually not the checkmate that is embarassing but it is the way he behaved like a sore loser, an embarassment to the proud city where my favorite American president, HSTRUMAN, once lived.

I was not even chatting while playing chess and they don't know who I am. So why can't they just press re-match which I'm willing to give anyway. Losing is just a part of the game.

However, obscene ramarks like this will tell you that in that city, they hate it when they lose, especially when they get checkmated like this. OOOOUUUUUCHHHH! It hurts I know but I have to rub it in since this is all I can do to sore losers who should go back to school to get proper education.

I wish that chess will remain a gentleman's game. From my vantage point here, I can see that some good players are also sore losers. Or they had changed the rules there at KC-USA that programmers are not yet aware about?

See the game here including the 2500 rating analysis done by


Below is a game by Alexei Shirov in this opening.