Chess n Capuccino, Etiquettes and Steaks

Chess n Capuccino, Etiquettes and Steaks

Jun 30, 2011, 6:20 PM |

The Chess n' Cappuccino invited me to join their group and participate in Team Vote Chess (TVC) matches. In my first game with the team, it felt like it was a ceremonial welcome but actually it was just a coincidence having to help them deliver a final checkmate against another team, the Winning Combinations, a group whose membership is close to 300.

That day, I quit the game I was involved with the King's Gambit Players against a team who calls themselves The Columbians.  It was probably a mistake that I asked our team captain to talk with the Super Admin of the other group that there's no point having to waste the time of many members in a totally lost game that dragged on for more than a week.

Our team captain said that it might not appear obvious to our opponent that the game is totally lost saying that we might not be able to enjoy the steak if we just yank it out from the oven without waiting for it to cook. He has a point there but I was of the opinion then  to take a piece of the steak just to test. 

I believe that group or team captains should understand enough chess to know when a position calls already for a resignation. Resignation is a chess etiquette maintained by top players and should be a good practice to introduce in TVC games to save members time spent in useless discussions.

I am impressed with our leadman -  rigamagician in Team Canada discouraging our members to offer a draw in a game against Turkey when he said "I guess the etiquette here is that we are supposed to wait for them to offer the draw because we are ostensibly a pawn down, but they don't seem in any great rush to make the offer for some reason."

Such a statement is a sign of good sportsmanship practice that I find classy, giving respect not just to the game we play but also to the opponents.

Another player, aagibert from Brazil, of The Unit said something in our game against Chess Academy about chess etiquettes saying,"Offer draw? We clearly worst! If you want so vote to resign, not to draw".

I do not like to reason out against our captain while in the game out of respect for that role and therefore I quit the KGP so I can voice out my heart's discontent and told him that I have to go and get my steak somewhere else. A pure coincidence that on the same day I was invited in this game by the Chess and Capuccino to deliver a final checkmate and get that kind of steak that I wanted - this time it is well done plus a cup of capuccino, a fitting ending to that day.

Congratulations to all in Chess n' Cappuccino. Many thanks to the leaders of the group: Super Admins: View profile Kikyo_Sushi, and View profile nas1130 and Admin View profile homaru, View profile suhail-sirus-alnair, View profile billionofans31, View profile KongFuzi, View profile the_soldier, View profile narutoichigo, View profile paragchitnis, View profile KILLERWOLF47, View profile dystopian1, View profile Nyul, View profile avl94, View profile dnguy106, View profile angeloGIORDIMAINA, View profile sunnyrishyvardhan, View profile prabuprabuprabu, View profile RavindraBabu, View profile surojit08, View profile JustinJ_FairfieldU, View profile thegame73, View profile MrRiver, View profile yankeezulu, View profile dyspres, View profile bresando, and View profile JIGAR_PATEL.

Congratulations to the winning team:

Below is our game:

I am now playing with Old School and Gambit Lines. I encourage my friends to join Old School and Gambit Lines where views from everyone are heard and where a member is also a leader. There are team captains who moderate discussions well. Every move is openly analyzed and questions are properly entertained. I will be happy to see my friends from all the groups that we meet at Old School and Gambit Lines and continue the fun in TVC.