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Desperado - How not to play in the KGA

Desperado - How not to play in the KGA

May 12, 2011, 9:19 PM 9

This game finished in a draw. It is in King's Gambit: Accepted, Philidor Gambit. Games in King's Gambit usually have a very nice finish. In this game, the computer analysis puts a lot of exclamation marks on our moves. They are not however for the brilliancy. Instead, they are for the OH NO!, BLUNDER! or MISTAKE! Since games in this opening are wild, correct moves are usually difficult to find especially in 5/0 blitz.

The computer analysis had me losing because of a piece sacrifice. I played aggressively trying to bring in my pieces in the game while black's king remains in the open. However, my game was already doomed before my attack could even heat up, causing me to think what to do next, "resign or go on with the embarassment while looking for a stalemate?".

I continued playing embrassingly looking for a miracle. Then it happened. My rook could salvage the game to a draw by moving "DESPERADO".

According to Wikipedia, a desperado piece is a piece that seems determined to give itself up, typically either (1) to sell itself as dearly as possible in a situation where both sides have hanging pieces or (2) to bring about stalemate if it is captured.

And here, I can now embed the youtube music video "Desperado" of LINDA RONSTADT which is actually my main objective in writing this blog. Beautiful voice. You might care to see the game after the video, which will show you "how not to play in the KGA".

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