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Filipino-Austrian Geniokov escapes trap, Marshall settles to Draw

Filipino-Austrian Geniokov escapes trap, Marshall settles to Draw

May 30, 2011, 12:02 AM 1

In this game, a high-rated chessplayer, playing Board 5 of the group Pinoy Chess Philippines played smartly with the Spanish Opening. Dennis Genio, a Filipino, whose place of residence is Vienna, Austria played with the Ruy Lopez and I answered my usual way playing the Marshall Attack. I represent, on the other hand, the online group Power of Chess in this team match up.

Since this is an online chess where each move is given up to three days to make, moves are usually well thought out. As such I was hesitant to make a move that is considered a chess trap. Chess traps are usually unsound moves, that if the opponent did not fall for the trap, the trapper could lose materials and eventually the game.

Nonetheless, on the 13th move, it was difficult for me to get out of the habit and played the greek gift sacrifice 13...Bxh2+. The game continued and reached the critical 17th move which determines white's fate. Geniokov however moved 17.Re5, not falling for the trap. So I played with a piece down. It was fortunate for me to have manage to close the game to a draw.

Marshall's greek gift survived once again and continued to be undefeated for a long time. This is the third draw for the trap here at chess.com with only one loss and I stopped counting the Ws (30 or more).

I won our other game after sacrificing a piece. This is of the same system where I won against a National Master a week ago sacrificing my queen and a bishop shown in my blog, A queen sac in a game with a NM.

I am now playing Team Vote Chess with Old School and Gambit Lines. I encourage my friends to join Old School and Gambit Lines where views from everyone are heard and where a member is also a leader. There are team captains who moderate discussions well. Every move is openly analyzed and questions are properly entertained. I will be happy to see my friends from all the groups that we meet at Old School and Gambit Lines and continue the fun in TVC.

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