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King's Gambit in the Old School

King's Gambit in the Old School

Nov 28, 2011, 7:12 AM 2

This is a TVC game between the Bogolyubov Variations and the Old School. The game is in C33: King's Gambit: Accepted, Bishop's Gambit Bogoljubow Variation.

Old School (black) played the opening moves by following Karpov's 1969 game against Castro (shown below) up to 10...Nc6. The position after 11.Qxb7 is as follows:



From the above position, the Old School decided to play gambits with 11...Qh4+, leaving its queenside pieces unprotected which were then collected by white's queen. Black sacrificed a rook and a knight. White started to rejoice anticipating an easy win. A few more moves later, however, white's queen is trapped and had to be traded with a piece. White found itself helpless and its only hope is a miracle. Black on the otherhand blundered its last three moves and decided to resign. Well, even Michael Jordan missed 28 of his final potentially game-winning shots.

We lost the game but chess is not all about winning, it is the quality of the game that matters most. On the second thought I still like to win and winning is everything (or maybe not)!

Here is a youtube video of the game.


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