Playing Marshall's Greek Gift at vs ICC

Playing Marshall's Greek Gift at vs ICC

May 13, 2011, 11:33 PM |

The Greek gift sacrifice in the Marshall Attack still able to find a way to win against white despite the move 16.Qd2, instead of the normal 16.Qd3. This game was played at

Yesterday I was at the Internet Chess Club playing and won with the Marshall using the trap. I also posted a blog here for that win. I find it very frustrating now playing at ICC because of the frequent disconnection from their server. I have been playing there since 2008. Once you get temporarily disconnected even by just a fraction of a second, your game is an automatic loss. This morning, I lost more than 20 rating points after being disconnected.

This did not happen to me only once, twice, or three times, but almost every time since last year. Some players I am able to play with are also complaining of the same. What a waste considering that I like playing using their Dasher with their huge board and nothing sticks at the bottom of the mouse (do you notice that sometimes it is hard to move your mouse here like there's something sticky at the bottom?).

Aside from the lesser number of cheaters/proggers,  I also like their engine called Crafty which is built-in with their Dasher. You can analyze your game right away after the game or before starting a new game. Unlike here at where you still have to send your game for computer analysis and wait around 30 min to 2 hours before you would be able to see the results. If your objective is to learn, it is wise to play using ICC'S Dasher because of the outright engine analysis which you can perform anytime while you are not playing. All your games are also automatically saved into your computer which you can sort according to name of opponent, opening name and ECO code, date played, number of moves, and type of game or time control.

I hope would also offer those little things such as the sortability of game archives both live and online plus a built in chess engine that would allow you to analyze your moves instantly or while  waiting for an opponent. That way, I do not have to pay another premium in ICC.

In fairness to, I am satisfied with my diamond membership here so far and starting to feel comfortable, except for a few issues I have mentioned like the engine use rule in online chess (turn-based) as differentiated from the online live chess/blitz. It's so strange that you are not allowed to use an engine to analyze  a move you are given 1 to 10 days to  make. Yet, there is no way they can ensure that your opponent is also as honest as you are. That engine use prohibition is I believe only sensible in live games. The use of engines right now in online chess is like taking a bite out of Eve's forbidden apple. But in this case, instead of getting a punishment, you will probably get one of those virtual tournament trophies. I mentioned this not because I wanted to use a chess engine to play chess, but because it is simply unhealthy to be suspicious all the time. When you win, you are suspected to be using engine help and when you lose, it's your turn to be suspicious.

Going back, shown below is  the game using the trap in the Marshall Attack starting with a Greek gift sacrifice 13...Bxh2+ played here in I was lucky here that the opponent did not force a queen exchange at g5 which would have forced me to resign. Again, luck saved its winning streak, winning on time plus materials and position.


After writing this blog, I went back to play once more in ICC, and coincidentally played against the Ruy Lopez. White decided to go with the anti-Marshall 8.a4. Similar with my game with Moniczka's anti-Marshall, I also neverthless use the Marshall and once again found a way to win. This game was freshly played in ICC.There is no greek gift sac on this game but I made a bishop sac on h3 to open white's kingside position.

Although I was able to play three straight games without getting disconnected, I'm still skeptical.