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Spotting Cheaters - Chess Progs

Spotting Cheaters - Chess Progs

Mar 27, 2011, 12:10 AM 0

Proggers in 5/0 blitz chess online:

1. They are noticeably slow to re-start games or make their opening moves as they have to set up their program first on their computer, mobile phones or other portable devices, like switching the positions or colors or resetting their program. Opening moves are usually fast moves to regular blitz players.

2. The moves come usually in regular intervals (say 3 to 5 sec) regardless of the difficulty of move because it's a routine that they have to input first their opponent's move into their program to see what the computer suggests as a continuation or response.

3. Even in obvious moves where you already know the next move (like a check with only one square left to go to, or the process of capture and re-capture), it takes them the usual time interval per move to move. However, sometimes they would move quick on these scenarios, but only on these scenarios.

4. They would attempt sometimes to play without the program and lose and you can see the very poor quality of their moves compared to the very precise moves when they win.

5. In the middle of a game when they are losing, you will notice a very long pause, afterwhich, they are back with their program and will begin once again the steady regular intervals of their moves with software precision. They will be back in the game winning again in position or materials but will eventually lose on time. This is how they lose some of their games.

6. Programs rely most on tactics with very simple but by the book opening moves and would trade and trade pieces until the program sees a good tactical opportunity.

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