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Strike 3 in Comfortably Numb

Strike 3 in Comfortably Numb

May 23, 2011, 1:30 AM 2

At near 2000 rating, would a player fall for the same trap three times?

Look here, in this music video I created for this trap which I named Comfortably Numb Trap after the title of a song by the English rock band Pink Floyd, victim no. 5 (3:05 of the video), who already fell for the trap twice long ago, played the same line again yesterday when I played at the Internet Chess Club and the game ended again in eight moves.

See the game here. There are relatively fewer cheaters in ICC. Chess.com, on the other hand, offers blogging and online chess (long games), which are not present in ICC. So I am a member in both.

This made my day after losing badly in 3/0 blitz here yesterday, mostly on time.  I am now switching from 5/0 to 3/0 to avoid the cheats. I can probably unblock now many of the players I have on my block list. Some of them will play their normal games which are reasonably good but after losing a game or two, watch out, they become very precise all of a sudden and will make you look like a beginner. At 3/0, we will see if they can still use their devices to cheat.

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