Taimanov or Flick-Knife Attack and Milner-Barry Gambit in Gambit Line's new TVCs

Taimanov or Flick-Knife Attack and Milner-Barry Gambit in Gambit Line's new TVCs

Jul 9, 2011, 4:51 AM |

The Gambit Lines  has started a new TVC game against the Chess Dragons led by  View profile The_Chess_Ninja ,  View profile Alan_Tudor , View profile sjpdna , View profile Teary_Oberon, View profile __vxD_mAte.


The Chess Dragons are playing the white pieces In this opening after refusing a challenge giving them the black pieces. Alan Tudor, the Dragon's No. 1 player said, "Yo whoever challenged the Chess Dragons to a Vote Chess game, I accepted it until I saw the opening started out with white having a big advantage. Challenge us with some line that is more even to start on. I will not accept a game where we are starting in a hole. Thanks."

According to the Gambit Guide, Ben-Oni in the Bible is the name Rachel gives her son as she lays dying in childbirth. The term means “child of my sorrow” in Hebrew. Never has an opening in chess been more aptly associated with sorrow than the Benoni - especially against the Taimanov variation (or the so-called ‘Flick-Knife Attack', as Dave Norwood graphically describes it in his 1994 book) almost proving to be the death knell for the Benoni. After 1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 c5 3 d5 e6 4 Nc3 exd5 5 cxd5 d6 6 e4 g6 7 f4 Bg7 8 Bb5+ and some wild gambit plays, sacrifices and all-out attack prove to be the order of the day in this aggressive line against the Benoni.

Another TVC game in the Gambit Line's current games is in the Milner-Barry Gambit against the French Defence played by the Vote Chess Assassins manage by   View profile Alan_Tudor , View profile KiNg_ChApO ,  View profile MikeDoyle, View profile thegab03, View profile jbell3, View profile darkharvest, and View profile CaptainJimTKirk. 


The Milner-Barry Gambit (1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. e5 c5 4. c3 Nc6 5. Nf3 Qb6 6. Bd3) is very popular at club level, and one of the sharpest weapons for white against the French Defense.

It was invented by legendary World War II Enigma Code breaker Sir Stuart Milner-Barry, who always liked to play with a sense of adventure. Milner-Barry Gambit is a potent weapon for white - and especially for players who like to play actively.


Although I follow GM Alterman's weekly presentation in ICC called the Gambit Guide, I find his book, The Alterman Gambit Guide: White Gambits, a handy reference.

The Alterman Gambit Guide: White Gambits
By Boris Alterman

The Alterman Gambit Guide: White Gambits is an instructional manual for improving players. Sharpen your tactics and learn to play dynamic attacking chess while studying the most entertaining gambits. Lines covered include: Evans Gambit, Panov Attack, Morra Gambit, Philidor, Danish Gambit, Urusov Gambit, Morphy Attack, Cochrane Gambit, Max Lange Attack and Milner-Barry Gambit.

Best instructional and repertoire book for beginner and intermediate players .

ISBN:978-1-906552-53-4 – 440 pages