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The Killer Trap in the Alapin Gambit

The Killer Trap in the Alapin Gambit

Dec 21, 2011, 2:48 AM 0

The Alapin Gambit in the Ruy Lopez exchange (C69: Ruy Lopez: Exchange Variation, Alapin Gambit) is characterized by the following moves and position:

White however does not take the gambit due to Qh4 intending mate and instead moves 7.d3. In order to lure white to take the gambit, a trap move 7...f6 is played which essentially blocks the queen's path to h4. Since the move Qh4 is now blocked, white takes the gambit, the bishop on g4. Black recaptures with the h-pawn, hxg4, opening the h-file, bringing instantly the rook in the attack. Black capitalizes on the position of white's king, the rook in the open h-file, and a Bc5+, with almost similar set up as the Greco mate. Here's our TVC game with this 7...f6 trap, which we named the Killer Trap.


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