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The Unpredictable Grand Prix Attack

The Unpredictable Grand Prix Attack

Apr 2, 2011, 4:58 AM 0

The Grand Prix Attack (GPA) - an opening that is very unpredictable. Attacking is not so easy since I am almost always forced to give up a lot of materials to sustain the attack. I lost a lot of games today because of the not-so-good sacrifices but at least won a few too and some of the wins are quality games. My brother said it is not about how many games you lose but the quality of the games you win.

It's the aggressiveness to blame, but that's me, I'm always playing to win and therefore have to take a lot of risks. "Win attacking and lose attacking" - that is my game and I can't change it anymore especially when playing blitz. For the kids, please don't do this at home, or you'll put your chess future in danger.

The game I'm showing here tells me how unpredictable this opening can be. You would probably notice that this is not really played in the Sicilian Grand Prix. You are right and this is actually Robatsch but the transposition and the theme this game was played with the 2.f4 are almost similar to the real Grand Prix that I'm used to. This is in a 5/0 blitz.

After 14...h6, the computer program I'm using right now while writing this blog gives me -3.11 because I was about to lose my knight. However, I was really willing to give up my knight and other materials on the queenside so long as I can sustain my attack. From here on, my points range from -2.95 to -4.10. However, after 18.f6, the computer realized that I'm already winning and gives me 4.50. This shows how unpredictable the GPA can be. Even the computer was not able to give a numerical value to the willingness to attack, at least in my game here and with the program I'm using.

My opponent continued playing until the final move, checkmate! He is true to his rating which I realized only after the analysis. Even the garbage moves are the same as to what the computer suggests. For lack of appropriate short term, I'm calling "garbage" the moves a player makes despite the clear inevitable checkmate coming. Some high-rated players usually move and think like a computer that's why they are really good. The difference is that computers are not programmed to resign (some resign based on the pre-set value, e.g., at 10 pts, black resigns and at -10, white resigns).

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