Trompowsky Attack: Borg (MR. ROBOTO) Variation (A45)

Trompowsky Attack: Borg (MR. ROBOTO) Variation (A45)

Sep 5, 2011, 5:17 PM |

A friend, Jeff Burton or BURT65, likes to open in the Trompowsky. He just finished a game where he sac his queen for a mating attack. We are playing a friendly game where I am again in the attack mode. However I was so careless that I think I will end up prematurely losing a piece. We are still playing though. He sent me the following message:

i had one of those rare games where i got to sack my Q and all moves were forced mate in 4 moves. how would i be able to show this game to other people, like not braggin' or anything. i just think its an awesome combo to win the game. go to it if you got time its against jmarshall, go through it for a sec and you'll see what i'm talkin about.

It is a nice game indeed. Somewhat, Jeff is telling me to develop my pieces first like he did before launching an attack. In our current game, I already launched my attack while from my queenside only my knight is in the game. I am missing the services of my bishop and rook. I know I am in violation of those chess fundamentals.

Jeff/Burt's game is shown below, a queen sac followed with a neat checkmate in the Trompowsky. Just a couple of days ago however, I was able to defend in an unorthodox manner against Burt65's Trompowsky Attack using the seldom heard Borg Variation.

See both games below and be prepared playing against Jeff Burton with his Trompopwsky, or watch out for my Borg Variation if you are playing the Trompowsly against sollevy10.

AND see below the Borg:
Since we are already in the Borg Variation, let's spice up this blog with Mr. Roboto - Dennis Deyoung - HD. The music video is an apt representation of the present day chess technologies that make us enjoy this game more and make us play better chess. However, the technology we enjoy is not without its share of problems in our sports and in our society in general, and every online chess player knows what I am talking about.


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thx 4 posting these games "Dobo airy gotto Mr. Roboto" totally awesome song! Kilroy!