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Trouble in Refusing a Rematch

Trouble in Refusing a Rematch

Jul 10, 2012, 2:23 PM 3

I accepted a Let's Play challenge from a player rated over 2100. After he resigned the game on the 45th move, he sent me a trophy and a message he slipped. I'm not sure which move he slipped at or made a blunder/mistake but I think the trophy was meant to tell me that I only won because he made a bad move. That is the same as denying the winner the credit for winning. Well, I was expecting congratulations or good game. The game is shown below and you will notice that the opponent should have already resigned on the 29th move, but instead the game dragged on for 17 more useless moves.

After he resigned on the 45th and sending me the "i slipped" trophy, he invited me for a rematch. I wonder why chess.com programmed the system in such a way that you have to give a reason for not accepting a Let's Play challenge. So I pointed out that I do not want a rematch because he doesn't know when to resign a friendly game and he did not give me the credit for winning. So he sent me a nasty reply:


I replied that I only pointed out a few etiquettes in chess. However, he fired back:


(text removed - please do not post private message publicly)


The game with computer analysis from chess.com is shown below. He was probably right that my game needs some work. The computer disagreed with many of my moves that I can only shake my head... my opponent saw my  moves just the way how the computer evaluated them. However the moves are good enough to win which matters most.

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