Vote Chess: When is the Best Time to Resign

Vote Chess: When is the Best Time to Resign

Jun 16, 2011, 8:20 PM |

I am actively participating now in Vote Chess. I just realized that this game offers not just the game but in a large part socializing as well. You would be able to meet real enthusiastic chess players all over the world, like those members below.

Vote Chess is administered by different groups forming teams whose members usually discuss a move before voting. During discussions, members become friends and some end in heated arguments which is just natural - you know, just like FB.

Since teams are involved in vote chess, there are responsible leaders who organize groups and teams like these:

Leadership and responsibility however do not always translate to good sportsmanship when it comes to the issue of when to resign?

Group leaders or Admins should not let their team play games that are completely lost because:

1. they are not just wasting the time of their team members but also of the opposing team.

2. the Admins are supposed to be leaders and should educate their members about respect of the game, courtesy, and fairplay.

3. this is supposed to be a family-oriented online game which therefore requires that leaders should always set as examples to the team because young minds look up to them for their lead and adapt to the standards they are setting.

A game by our group has the position shown below. The opponent continues to play despite the overwhelming advantage for several moves already. This is unsportsmanlike-conduct in chess. However, after a friendly alert to the losing group's Super-Admin, the opponents agreed  to finally resign. That's another good thing about having effective leaders, they can communicate properly.


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