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Where Do Broken Hearts Go

Where Do Broken Hearts Go

Oct 27, 2011, 1:34 PM 1

This is a game between my group, the Unit vs the Philippine Finest. It is a long game with advantage shifting back and forth but finally ended in a draw.

Chess is a game decided by the opposing players' mistakes or blunders. To a friend of mine, losing a game or giving up a sure win is heart-breaking. This was after he lost to me three times while we were talking about how his relationship with two women ended. Chess and love story are difficult to mix. He broke up with his first girlfriend to concentrate with only one woman in his life. However, after knowing that she was a part of that so called triangle, the second girlfriend broke up too with him that same day. Chess is not the game for the broken-hearted. How can you play good chess while talking about lovelife? geez!Smile

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