Shanghai Competitors League 1, Rd. 3

Mar 22, 2016, 11:08 AM |
I just lost my third game in a row in the Maya Championship, but I'm happy with the result. 

Round 1 I was happy with my tactical play but turned a blind eye to some key strategic features. I felt like it was big progress for me because I was losing in new ways, due to lack of experience (because usually I lose the game before getting into critical strategic situations). Round 2 I prepped in all the wrong ways and came in cold, nothing like Round 1, losing by three sad blunders. I felt like I wasted the chance to have a good game.

My goal for Round 3 was simply to not lose on blunders, to put up a fight and put effort on the board, not slip due to laziness.

I am not even looking to improve on this game. I just want to get to the point where I can play this way consistently. Slow and steady and solidify my progress.

After a night's sleep, I can see that I still blundered and made a lot of bad moves in the opening. I ended up with a king stuck in the center and a horrible pawn structure. I dropped pawns, and in the end I made a critical tactical mistake for him to finally finish me off. But I think a lot of these things are kind of, "two steps forward one step back"--I am seeing and thinking a lot more than before, so I am adjusting to it.

Despite how the game looks, it was a success because I put my effort on the board and fought back until time unravelled me. I sought out to not have another wasted game like Round 2, and I felt good after the game.