2012 SC/NC Border Battle

Jun 3, 2012, 10:17 AM |

I am way behind on posting things. Here are my games from the 2012 SC/NC Border Battle held in Traveler's Rest, South Carolina. North Carolina won the champion's match, but South Carolina won the team match.

My first two games were against a class C boy. I played my first rated e4 game in years. I think I played OK but got pawn greedy in time trouble.

In the second game I felt he had a big advantage but he offered a draw by repetition; he must have seen some ghosts. I was thrilled to get a draw.

On the second day I played the same openings with a class D opponent. Instead of locking things up as black I decided to play aggressively...probably too agressively but I got a quick win.

In the final game I was on the ropes and several times considered resigning and getting home early, but I stuck to it and pulled out a mate-in-4 to counter his mate-in-1!

These "border battles" make for a lot of fun and I hope they continue for years to come.