Greater Charlotte Championship

Dec 8, 2009, 7:54 AM |

My games from the Greater Charlotte Championship. I scored 3.5/5 and won the Under-1200 prize. I'm pretty happy with the performance! Big thanks to my friend Joerg for coming with me and doing all the driving!

Game 1: I had a solid game going and then almost blew it with h6.

Game 2: this was against an 11-year-old kid and he played pretty well, but I was able to sneak in my queen for checkmate. He was pretty disappointed afterwards.

Game 3: the last game of Saturday and everyone was tired. Lots of quick draws going on. This was another game with a kid, and I ended up with a draw as well, but it took over 2 hours.

I offered a draw on 27...Nd4+. The boy made an illegal rook move, not realizing he was in check. Then he agreed to the draw. Someone after the game said I should have forced him to capture my knight since he had touched the rook. It didn't occur to me, and I wouldn't have done that to a kid anyway. But when the kid told me the next day that this game was "boring," I had second thoughts!

Game 4: another young guy, older than the last two opponents though. After move 14... he asked me "if I were to offer you a draw, would you accept it?" Sort of an ambiguous draw offer. I'm not sure if it counts as official or not. I thought about it for a long time and couldn't see an advantage, so when he returned I asked if he still wanted to draw, and then he wanted to play some more. In retrospect I wanted the draw! All the endgame moves here for me are rushed because my clock was under 10 minutes. From running the game through Crafty I probably could have kept a draw with better moves.

That was a very long game and I was wiped out. I wasn't sure I had enough left for game 5, but a lunch break helped.

Game 5: this one was for the Under 1200 prize. Both of us had 2.5 points before this game. Even though the guy was rated 874 I expected a battle, because he had been successful so far in the tournament. I opened the queen's pawn again, but decided to be more aggressive to avoid another really long game.

I was really tempted to take the sacrificed rook. I had to think a long time to work out all of his replies to 27. h4 to see if I could pull it off, but it worked! I think it's a pretty cool final checkmate.