For ever

For ever

Jan 23, 2010, 9:48 AM |

In weather fair we sailed

from harbour gay with friends and flags

to seek our fortune in distant land

We, sailors of the open sea.


And far from land

up came a storm so fierce

with slashing rain and thunderous waves

and darkness descents with fear in sailor's hearts.


Oh captain my captain

ere the sun rises in the east

we will be flotsam in the stormy sea


I fear the the deep blue underneath,

the mosters from down below

with sword long teeth

tearing flesh and bone.


Hush now sailor , hush

dont talk of evil things

our ship's keel is strong

we will yet prevail.


Oh captain my captain,

cast this keg in yonder waves

to find the distant shore

I've put my dearest's name in there.


Oh captain my captain

I feel the end is near

I fear the deep blue underneath!

Hold you my hand.


And crushing down came evil wave

green and monstrous 

on that lonly ship in stormy sea

and ere the sun rises in the east there was only

flotsam in the stormy sea.