I am.

Mar 23, 2010, 3:31 AM |

I came awake. Around me is darkness, but I can sense the light. It is above me. My awareness is not yet complete but I know that as soon as I reach the light it will grow untill it is fully developed. Then I will start on my journey to my destiny.

Slowly I start to reach for the light extending a part of my being. My core is pulsing with purpose. I will succeed. Time passed, slowly or quick, it does not matter. Time has no meaning. I am not a slave of time. I am young yet I am also old. Aeons have passed since my breed first developed. The knowledge is part of my memory, of my being, of what I am. Part of me are extending in another direction, not to the light, searching. I will know when it is found.

I was closer to the light, very close, but as I start to reach for it, it slowly creeps away from me. I poured my will, my living substance into that part reaching for the light and I burst into nothingness. Near me is darkness. Above me is light, pinpricks of dancing light but it is not the light I was reaching for.

Around me I can sense life, abundant life but I can't make contact. I sense wetness upon my exposed part, refreshing and also lifegiving, offering itself to sustain me. I wait, knowing I will find the light. It will come to me. I was alive. Ready. I do not mourn those of my breed that did not become aware. There was time.

My senses became alert. The light was near, strong, white, lifegiving. As it burst upon me I unfold my leaves.