Sundowner musings

Sundowner musings

Oct 30, 2009, 11:55 AM |

When blood red sun's asetting
turns a fleece of clouds
in orange , red an purple
and shadows touch the mountains blue
I stand in awe;
for we are only people
unworthy of Thy love.

When darkness fall on mountain top
and heaven's glory light our way
i know i am Your child;
for come night, come day,
we are always in Your Light.


The hurt, I know, lies deep;
Eyes have dried that once could weep
but only now the pain remains, 
throbbing in your soul.
Why do you nurse it like a new found lover?
Let it free, escape the fleshy prison
once again your mind to heal.

The thorn in your flesh
be it lust, be it cravings, be it pain,
a hurdle high, not to jump?

Hark! hear the ring of your sword,
drawn to lay against the root;
Free your soul!

The battle! Oh, the battle thunderous fierce!
Do not falter brave soul,
For I am here, My hand is always near.
Reach for it, use My strength.
Victory is your aim.