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The hazards of practising chess

Feb 10, 2010, 11:13 PM 0

Yesterday I was sitting in the garden practising chess on my little handheld. I operated the thing with one hand cause a bear was in the other. Pondering my next move an ant bit me. Surprised I got so antsy I dropped my bear & squashed the ant. So a 2nd bear was in order. Back to the serious business of playing chess I took a sip of the bear & a bee stung me. It somehow got on the glass unnoticed. Foot in mouth This time I dropped both the bear and the handheld. Now I have a Angelina lip. It is not as beautiful as her's and much more painful. It was my upperlip that was stung & when I looked into the mirror the picture of a sea elephant came to mind. Wonder why. Moral of the story, dont drink bear while you are driving a chessboard or anything else.

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