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Checkmating a Strong Master

Jul 21, 2012, 5:26 AM 0
         In my game against International Master John Bartholomew who is rated 2600 in bullet chess and 2514 USCF, we got in a very complicated position where I decided that complicating the game can give me a good chance of winning .  If you had ever played with any of the top players online, simplication might not do it.  Therefore, a different approach such as being aggressive and making things ugly might work.  During this game I decided to sacrifice an exchange to go head hunting during the middle game.  I have to keep on putting the pressure, because if you sacrifice an exchange and you're attack failed it would be game over for you.   The complexity of the position made this an adrenaline rush.  In the end, the pressure of the position and time made the powerful International Master cracked, and it was over.



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