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The Bishop

The Bishop

Sep 1, 2013, 1:26 PM 0

Hi! I’m Speedster265, and I’ve come back from my little break off my blog to talk about the powerful bishop.

There are three kinds of bishops: good, bad, and active. A good bishop is classified as this when its central pawns don’t block its activity. Oppositely, a bad bishop is a bishop where its central pawns are on its color and therefore obstructing its movement. Lastly, there is the active bishop; it can either be good or bad. It’s considered active because it serves an active duty.

Bishops can be phenomenal pieces if you get them on an open diagonal. There they just sit, attacking your enemy’s pieces from afar. On the downside, bishops can easily be blocked by pawns or other pieces, and are forever restricted in a light- or dark-squared world. Because of this, two bishops together are formidable foes.

In conclusion, don’t be worried if you have a “bad” bishop. Just try to get it out of a pawn chain or open the board. Keep your bishops active, and you will have another piece to help you in the endgame. The great Bobby Fischer once said, “Tactics flow from a superior position.” Get your bishops in that superior position, and you will go far.

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