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The Knight

The Knight

Aug 6, 2013, 3:55 PM 1

Hi! I’m Speedster265 and this is my blog about the individual chess pieces. Sorry I posted this so late: computer issues. Today I’m describing the usage of the knight, which, in my opinion, is superior than the bishop.

Knights are the only pieces in chess that can hop over either your or your enemy’s pawns and pieces. They are famous for their great forking ability, maybe like checking the king, then capturing your opponent’s rook, for example. Knights are also great in closed positions, unlike the long-range bishop.

Knights are next-to-useless for an attack if they rest on the 1st or 2nd rank. But if you can get your “little horse” to the 5th or 6th rank, they can control important squares, attack your adversary’s pieces, or assist your own army in checkmating the enemy’s king. One of the only downsides of this powerful piece is that it needs one of its own pieces to support its square so it won’t be captured.

Hopefully some of you were inspired to use the knight more often in your matches. I hope you enjoyed this new blog today. Here’s to the knight, the forking master of chess! 

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