Chess Club

Feb 6, 2008, 6:52 PM |

Well thanks to jim who found a lcal chess club close to me , i paid them a visit last week and was made welcome they have a nice site too on the net . Conditions were a bit  cramped and there was no beer on tap but a pub on the corner  was  handy  lol !!!!.i had my first taste of chess clocks  so that was unique in its self never played  with a clock ticking away ??..

I should be going again this week to get more feel for the club and meet more of there membership and maybe play  again this time with notation ?? (must rember pens ? )  .I will add more to this blog as i go along it might  come in handy to ppl  ( i d k? ) so untill then  ttfn

So i went  for a 2nd time made a small mistake  was a little under the influence ??

had 3 games of blitz against one of there stronger players and  lost  all three .need to practise  my blitz a bit more ,again only tea/ coffee on order ,the  coffee helped but was  too late 3-0 down by then lol  not sure if i,m going  next week due to expenses but will try .

they had a league cancelation so they were home the game has  been rearranged for a later date i may attend this to see what happens  and learn from the expiercence .on the night i tried a new  format  so i need to work on it a bit but it was effective  to make the games interesting .so i,m using them now in other games  and writing  down moves to study  my  mistakes .win or lose  well theres  more to come  so untill next  time  ttfn .

well now for the challenge for  me ..??  Can i win a game at the chess club ??????... it looks as tho i,m going 2morrow due to the illness of my  kids its nothing serious  just a bug /virus as the doc says these days .so mum can look after them again  lolSmile. will be trying out  annotation  this week as well as the clock if i succeed i,ll post  the  game here for critical analyisis  .Oh by the way the chess club i visit is based in sittingbourne check out there web site  quite nice needs an update tho  lol.. well untill next  time  ttfn

went to the club lost 3-0 again this  time  more sober last  game was interesting  tried a twin  knight attack but he wouldnt  move  his queen .which is  where i fell short so we shall try again next week i hope ..odds on me winning 1 very low .must stop playing  blitz style and  think more this is the club  i visit check it out  if ur a local