10 things that you need to build up in chess

10 things that you need to build up in chess

Jan 11, 2018, 7:53 AM |

10 things you should build up in chess :-


I think this is the most important thing to build. Solving tactics brings victory in chess.



This is mainly needed in the middlegame. The main advantage of positional players. Without strategy, we can't survive. We need to balance both tactics and strategy.

3.Endgame Skills

Gives the finishing touch to the game. This converts the game to victory.


Opening starts a game, so you should have a good start to a game. Use a good opening.


5.Time Control

We often lose on time, so look at your time often. This happens a lot of times, so be very careful. So often we have a winning position and lose on time. Avoid this!


Never play a game thinking that you will lose for sure. Always think to win. And never lose hope after losing. That makes your opponent more confident. So always be confident during the game.

7.Watching games

Always watch Grandmaster games. We can learn a thing or two from them. We learn their style, strategy, etc. 


This makes us alert about tactics, blunders and mistakes. This is available in chess.com(Not so important).


Always learn using a coach. They correct the mistakes that we make in games. They even help us to become a greater player.


Always take lessons (especially from chess.com). Taking lessons are really important.

Always have these 10 things in your mind(Did I forget to tell another tip? Please mention in comments!).