Traps, Gambits and Mistakes in the opening Part 1

Aug 5, 2013, 8:53 PM |
In order to improve my game I have decided to post annotated games (every now and then ) about traps and gambits in popular openings. I find it easy to motivate myself to improve my game when I try to explain it to someone. Today, we will look at Zapata vs Anand game that Anand resigned in six moves! 
Apparently, the story behind this game is that Anand read in a chess magazine, 'The Informantor', about this variation which led to a draw between a game of two GM's(Miles-Christiansen). But, Alas! little did Anand know that that game was a pre arranged draw! Legend goes that Miles saw he could win but being true to his word he didn't play 6) Qe2. 

Below as promised are some ways black would lose a piece if 3)...Nxe4.
Here is another variation of 3)...Nxe4. Black is on the verge of losing in my opinion but it is hard to explain that as there are too many variations at this point.