What is Anand's best win?(Classical Chess)

Mar 25, 2014, 2:12 PM |

I was wondering if anyone knows :who is the highest rated player that Anand beat? Let me be clear about what I'm asking: by best win I mean based on opponent's rating. I know Anand won against Magnus awhile ago but that doesn't mean Anand beat the current Magnus who is rated 2881. I'm pretty sure Anand beat Kasparov when the latter was in prime form.

If we can get some statistics for the top ten players with regards to their best win based on opponents rating that would be awesome. 

As Anand seems more likely to play Magnus again for WC, I'm wondering if Anand ever won against some rated greater than 2850. I'm aware that Anand just won against Aronian in the current candidates tournament. So far I think Anand's best wins with regards to opponents rating is either against Aronian rated 2830 or Magnus when he was rated ~2830 and Kasparov when he was rated ~2850.